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Clik Dome Systems are headquartered in Suffolk UK, with regional offices in Thailand and China. Our customers choose to do business with Clik Dome Systems because they know they can bring us their application challenges and we will work hard to understand their vision and meet their needs. Thus, working together, we help them find the right tools and materials to do the job. Our knowledgeable and experienced professionals have the expertise in qualifying materials for a multitude of applications and enviroments. Also, our Business Development Managers can supply invaluable technical help with materials, usage, and applications. With Clik Dome Systems, you know the job will be done properly and meet all your specifications. Clik Dome Systems also offers: - rapid turnaround on quotes and on orders - extensive inventory levels with one-day shipping lanes - "Our goal is to become the best full line Metal Dome and Dome Array supplier our industry has ever witnessed. We want to be the company people choose to do business with because we help customers select the right material and we help solve their problems."

Clik Dome Systems are today probably the largest single source for Clik Domes ( Tactile - Snap Domes) with size ranges from 5.0mm to 20.0mm in standard 4 leg, round, triangular format. Space bar domes 25mm to 150mm complete the availability for any keyboard format.

Clik Domes ( Tactile - Snap Domes ) are incorporated into membrane switches and control panels to provide the user with positive feedback that switch closure has occurred. Unlike many other manufacturers, Clik Dome Systems domes can be plated with either Tin or Gold, and are designed to be an integral part of the contact system.

On actuation, the Clik Dome ( Snap Dome ) is deflected over the contact point between switch circuit layers (membrane switch type design), or between concentric pad layouts ( PTH-PCB design and many flexible circuit designs). Actuation then completes the electrical circuit, and provides a high tactile response.

All dome types come with a range of activation pressures to suit most common applications, this coupled with a minimum order quantity of only 1000 pieces on loose domes enables you to offer your customer much wider solutions.