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PolyDome - Mylar Arrays

Clik Dome Systems are able to offer a PolyDome service to its customers that require an alternative to metal dome contact response


Using our experience we are able to offer a number of PolyDome solutions that include:-

Customer supplied pre printed sheets

The customer pre prints the conductive pads send to us for forming.

Full Conductive Ink Contact Print, and PolyDome.

The Customer provides layout for conductive pads, we then print and form.

PolyDome spacer sets.

In addition to printing the conductive pads, we also assemble the spacer layers and adhesive, for easy assembly into the Membrane switch.

PolyDome and LED Circuit sets.

Within the PolyDome spacer set we are able to encapsulate the LED circuit layer, providing a complete assembly, that if need be can also include switch circuit layers.