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Round, Triangular and Oblong ( Snap - Domes )

We are also able to offer a full range of round domes R-Range and T-Range from standard tooling. These include dimple and non dimple types, with and without feet. Sizes range from 5mm up to 12mm and a full range of actuation pressures.


Triangular T-Range, are also available from 6mm to 12mm again a comprehensive range of actuation pressures are available.

Round R-Range are available in sizes from 3.5mm up to 12mm witha wide range of actuation pressures.

RxDN Range 8mm - 12mm

Oblong OL-Range, 0.35" x 0.7", 0.5" x 1.0", 0.5" x 1.5", 0.5" x 2.0", 0.5" x 6" provide a complete make up for any keyboard configuration.