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18 January 2014 

To Whom It May Concern:

Compliance with EU Restriction on Hazardous Substances
Directives 2002/95/EC

This notification is for the purpose of stating that products supplied by Clik Dome Systems are compliant with, and do not contain or utilize for any manufacturing process, any of the following hazardous substances as defined in the referenced directives:

1. With reference to IEC/TC 111 (Draft) IEC 62321, Ed 1 for Cadmium, Lead, Mercury on the metal sample.
Analysis was performed by ICP/AAS ( for Cd, Pb and Hg)

2. With reference to IEC/TC 111 (Draft IEC 62321, Ed 1 for the presence of Hexavalent Chromium on the metal sample.
Analysis was performed by the qualitative method (section 8) (for CrVi)

3. With reference to EPA Method 3540C/ 3550C for PBB/PBDE content analysis was performed by GC/MS

Hexavalent Chromium
Pentabromodipheyl ether (PentaBDE)
Octabromodiphenyly ether (OctaBDE)

George Baker
Quality Assurance

Clik Dome Systems


18 January 2014 


On 1 June 2007 Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 concerning Registration, Evaluation. Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals ("REACH" for short) came into force.

REACH contains the following regulations:
1. From 1 June 2008, manufactures of substances and importers of substances as such or of substances in préparations (mixtures) into the European Community (EC) and the European Area (EEA), must register thèse substances with the European Chemical Agency if they are not substances in question are manufactured or imported in quantities of least 1 t/a and if they are not substances that are exempted from compulsory registration. So-called "phase-in substances" - thèse are, for example, substances that are shown on the existing substances list EINECS -can be pre-registered between 1 June 2008 and 1 December 2008. Pre-registered substances do not have to be registered until later, depending on the quantity manufactured / imported.
2. Suppliers of substances and preparations must provide the récipient with either a safety data sheet (Article 31) or safety information (Article 32). In certain cases, the safety data sheet will be supplemented by an annex ("extended safety data sheet") showing the relevant exposure scénarios.
3. Manufactures and importers of articles that contain more than 0.1 mass percent per article of a substance on the "candidate list" shall provide the professional récipient and on request a consumer of the article with sufficient information to allow safe use of article, including as a minimum, the name of that substance. If all these articles contain more than 1 t/a a notification to the European Chemicals Agency (EChA) is necessary, however not before
1 June 2011

4. From 1 June 2008, users of chemicals (substances and preparations / mixtures) - so called "downstream users" - will have to comply with the other obligations, but in some cases only after they have received an extended safety data sheet. Downstream users can provide appropriate information so as to assist the manufacturer of substances and preparations in registering them.

Statement concerning the REACH regulation:

You procure articles (not chemicals) from us which are not intended to release any substances under normal and reasonably foreseeable conditions of use. Consequently, the obligations in No. 1 and 2 above are not relevant here.

The "candidate list" is not yet known. Consequently, none of the obligations in No. 3 apply yet. As soon as the "candidate list" has been published, we shall send you any necessary information once the relevant data is available from the supply chain. As far as we know at present, however, our articles do not currently contain any substances above 0.1 mass- % per product that could be included on the candidate list .

Through communication with our suppliers we will try to safeguard the delivery of all chemicals which are necessary for us.

George Baker
Quality Assurance

Clik Dome Systems